Call for Papers


The New Faces of Realism

Metaphysics, Phenomenology, Speculative Realism


University of Wuppertal, November 24-26, 2016



Confirmed Speakers

Markus Gabriel (Bonn)

Alexander Schnell (Wuppertal)

Sacha Carlson (Paris)

Georgy Chernavin (Moscow)

Florian Forestier (Brussels)

Hernán Inverso (Buenos Aires)



The conference aims to examine the new forms of realism in contemporary metaphysics, phenomenology, and speculative realism. Fundamental questions to be discussed throughout the conference include: the meaning of “realism” in phenomenologically-oriented ontology and metaphysics and in speculative realism; the possibility, scope, and limits of a non-onto-theological metaphysics–speculative, phenomenological, or otherwise–; the methodological foundations of phenomenology, especially in light of recent challenges from speculative realism, neuro- and cognitive sciences, and the different attempts to “naturalize” phenomenology; the nature of the precise disagreement between the different expressions of speculative realism and phenomenology, etc. We welcome contributions devoted to these and other related issues in so far as they are addressed from the discussion on realism as advanced in recent years by philosophers such as Graham Harman, Iain Hamilton Grant, Peter Gratton, Ray Brassier, Quintin Meillassoux, Renaud Barbaras, Tristan Garcia, Claude Romano, Markus Gabriel, Alexander Schnell, Dan Zahavi, Tom Sparrow, Michel Henry, and László Tengelyi. Although the conference focuses on the contemporary debate, we welcome papers discussing “classical” texts on realism in metaphysics and the phenomenological tradition provided that their contemporary relevance for the recent debate is explicitly shown–relevant texts from figures such as Brentano, Scheler, Hartmann, Ingarden, and Schutz easily come to mind. As a way of promoting and amplify the debate, we particularly encourage contributions that are not exclusively exegetical and that incorporate diverse perspectives and philosophical traditions. With the aim in mind of giving the discussion more consistency, we are listing below a series of texts relevant to the conference’s topic. Ideally, all the participants will be familiar with most of the texts listed there.


The conference will run over three days and there will be plenty of time for discussion and exchange. Regretfully, accommodation costs and travel expenses cannot be covered. If required, a formal letter of invitation can be provided.



Submission Deadline

If interested, please submit an extended abstract (1000-1200 words) attached to the body of your email as a pdf document prepared for blind review by September 26th 2016 to Notification on acceptance of papers will be sent by October 5th. A publication of a volume including a wide selection of the contributions is expected. We will be accepting papers in English, French, or German. However, due to the multilingual character of the conference, we kindly ask you to send your complete papers to each of the organisers no later that November 14th. Thus we will be able to distribute it among the participants at least a week before the conference.



Nicolás Garrera-Tolbert, PhD

Post-Doctoral Researcher in Philosophy

Institute of Philosophy & International Center for Philosophy

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität Bonn

Poppelsdorfer Alle 28 ▪ 53115 Bonn ▪ GermanyásGarreraTolbertPhD


Jesús Ferrer Ortega, PhD

Scientific Assistant and Lecturer

Bergische Universität Wuppertal ▪ Philosophisches Seminar

Gaußstr. 20

42119 Wuppertal


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